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IFAPP News – October 2020

Dear IFAPP members, dear colleagues,

Please find here enclosed the link to the IFAPP TODAY newsletter of October 2020.

You will find a self-introduction of Marco Romano (IFAPP President) and Varvara (Barbara) Baroutsou (IFAPP President elect) followed by two articles about vaccines (the current status of COVID-19 vaccines candidates, and the good news of polio eradication).

Finally, there is an interesting report from a MAPS conference held in Singapore dealing ​with the hot issue of partnering with patients in drug development in Asia.

We encourage you to share this newsletter with your national members. If you want to subscribe to IFAPP TODAY, please send an e-mail to secretariat@ifapp.org.

Furthermore please note that IFAPP TODAY allows National Member Associations (NMAs) to republish articles of IFAPP newsletters in NMA journals and newsletters by citing the original source, including IFAPP TODAY issue, page numbers and author(s).

Enjoy reading ​and please note that we would appreciate receiving your comments and suggestions for future contents of this newsletter!

Best regards,