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Noticias de AMIFE

 Noticias de de AMIFE

IFAPP News - August 2019

NEW Website and Save the Date ICPM 2020


Dear colleagues around the world,

IFAPP is delighted to inform you that our new website has gone live this last weekend. You can find it under https://ifapp.org. Please disseminate this information to all individual members in your NMAs.

Since our old website crashed due to malware/viruses we had to upload the new one a bit before the planned time which is why in some areas text will be amended soon. However, we hope that you will understand and still enjoy the new format and design.

If you spot some errors or typos or anything that is not correct or up-to-date anymore, please send a mail to Anna Jurczynska and Brigitte Franke-Bray and they will take care of them.

If there are colleagues interested to volunteer and to assist Brigitte and Anna with keeping the new website in shipshape and help with uploading updates, please let them know, they will be more than grateful!

May I ask the program and scientific committee members of ICPM 2020 to forward this message to their speakers and chairs? I also ask the Chairs of the Working Groups to inform all their internal and specifically external members.

With best wishes,
Kyoko Imamura
IFAPP President