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Newsletter 4

"Creativity, innovation
(in science as much as in business),
proactivity, confidence, openness, credibility and strategic alliances"

Interview with
Dra. Belén Sopesén, Junta AMIFE

Dra. Belén Sopesén

From your point of view, Which are the congress' objectives?
A. Debate topics concerning Pharmaceutical industry with all the agents involved, such as: regulators (inspectors included), patient's association, industry's professionnals and doctors, in order to exchange ideas, positioning and needs at an international level, promoting additional points of view.

B. Make know legislative innovations

You will become AMIFE's president after the congress, have you set any challenge?
At least mantain AMIFE's brand sector positioning, obtained by my predecessors, and develop it as much as possible.

As far as you're concerned, what will be the main's congress conclusion?
Despite sector's crisis and troubles, that go from productivity's fall to regulatory instabilty, Pharmaceutical industry counts on great professionals working together with a great flexiblility for change and reinforcing our position as an stronger economic model that generates wealth, jobs and innovation.

Given our actual economic context, how can pharmaceutical industry's professionals face the challenge?
Creativity, innovation (in science as much as in business), proactivity, confidence, openness, credibility and strategic alliances.

Why should a professional assist to AMIFE's ICPM 2012?

  1. Achieve a business global vision, given that everyone is mainly focused at their knowledge field and be able to visualize the impact of other areas at the same project. Medicine's development is like a puzzle with many pieces to set by different multidisciplinar teams.
  2. Know recent legislative innovations. Be up to date.
  3. Increase knowledge; know other agent's opinions, etc.
  4. Networking

"Transparency has the virtue of giving confidence"

Interview with José Zamarriego,
Farmaindustria's Deontology Unit Director (USD).
Conference: "Ethics and compliance". Friday 16th November.

José Zamarriego

You will give a lecture in one of the most expected presentations: "Ethics an compliance". Which are the objectives of your intervention?
As you will know, EFPIA agreed to develop a European transparency code for the relations of industry and health professionals in order to be transferred to self-regulatory systems for every member country, through national associations (such as Farmaindustria in the Spanish case). One of its main objectives is making public the specific relations between industry and health professionals in order to increase, through transparency, society's confidence on pharmaceutical industry. In my intervention, I will explain the guidelines of EFPIA's transparency code and its evolution.

The code has not been approved, but there are many expectations set on this document
It will be very important. The schedule is not yet closed, but the main thing is to spread in a positive way the relations with the industry and acreditate its value. This increases, without any doubt, transparency and consequently credibility and confidence in the pharmaceutical industry.

Society wants to know more and better about the pharmaceutical industry
Yes. We must follow what society wants to know and acreditate. To dispel doubts about pharmaceutical industry's purpose, through transparency. For instance, we count on an international platform where all the clinical essays are published, either positive or negatives. Transparency has the virtue of giving confidence.


Dra. Carme Piñol

"The new market access paradigm in the scope of the economical crisis"

Dr. Joan Albanell

"New developments in personalized medicine"

Don Miguel Vidal Quadras

"Current patent issues – implications, developments and possible solutions"

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